About Alissa

Alissa Lindemann was born into music; the waves with their cymbal crash and the trees always humming with wind from offshore. Her songs, much like the California landscape she grew up in, are influenced by both the radiant sun of the coast and the dark shadows of the Northern forests. She gives a unique take on modern folk, creating a whimsical blend of melodies as she describes the world around her in vivid poetry.

When she was young. she learned piano, sparking a love of music that continued as she picked up violin, guitar, and finally fell into songwriting. She started performing in the same manner as many singer-songwriters: playing open mic nights at the local coffee shop. In 2011 she left California to attend Belmont University and pursue music in Nashville.

Lindemann can be found playing intimate shows and drinking lattes around Nashville, TN. You can purchase her new single, Paper Crowns, on iTunes or stream on Spotify and Apple Music.

Alissa Lindemann





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